Trustwave® SSL Partner Program Benefits

Trustwave® offers a wide variety of digital certificate solutions along with the tools to help our Partner resellers provide immediate value to their customers. Trustwave® Partners receive customizable pricing, flexible terms and the most advanced SSL reseller tools in the industry.

Our Partner Program completely integrates with our partners’ existing Web sites to provide a seamless customer experience. Trustwave’s unique position as a comprehensive data security provider gives us the ability to offer more cost-effective SSL certificate solutions than any of our competitors—leading to easier sales and greater profits for our Partners.

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Our Featured Partner SSL Certificate Tools

As a global top 10 SSL certificate provider, Trustwave® has a rich set of tools available to partners to help rapidly integrate and increase selling in any channel.

  • Partner Management Portal - The Partner Management Portal provides role-based access to the account, for easy management of pricing, orders, refunds and products offered through the Partner’s channel. The portal can be used to generate reports on sales for the products being offered, helping to easily adapt and fine tune the sales strategy.
  • Trustwave® QuickCart® - The Trustwave® QuickCart is the fastest and easiest way to integrate SSL reselling into a Web site. Using the QuickCart, a link from the Partner’s Web site to ours will lead customers to a branded shopping cart complete with up-sell management and SSL specific e-commerce enhancements to make it easy for them to buy. In addition, having Trustwave® host the shopping cart reduces the compliance footprint and drops credit card transaction fees to zero!
  • Solution Portfolio - Trustwave® makes it easy to sell a variety of SSL certificates, including Extended Validation SSL. With Trustwave®, Partners can also provide PCI DSS compliance products, code signing products and secure e-mail products using all the same tools, from a single source.
  • Trustwave® API - For Partners looking for a deeper level of integration than the QuickCart, or who prefer their own highly tuned e-commerce machine to push customers through, all the products and services mentioned above can be easily purchased from the Trustwave® Application Programming Interface (API), and integrated with any Web site in any language.

High Margins From A Trusted Brand

Trustwave® has helped thousands of organizations — ranging from Fortune 500 businesses and large financial institutions to small and medium-sized retailers—manage compliance and secure their network infrastructure, data communications and critical information assets. With our extensive suite of SSL products, our Partners are quickly able to get the products into their channel, experiencing both great support and increased sales margins - from one of the most trusted brands in online security.

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