Trustwave®'s Secure Email Service

Have more than 25 users? Want 100% control over revocation and the information in your certificates? Trustwave® offers a secure email service that provides an upgrade from our certificates offered through our web site.

The Benefits of Trustwave®'s Secure Email Service

If your organization is required to encrypt email traffic or if you are sending secure data with your partners and customers, Trustwave® offers a managed solution with many benefits for you.

  • Securely Encrypt and Sign All Email Messages
  • Issue Globally Trusted Certificates for Employees, Partners or Customers
  • Issue Certificates with your Organization Name in them
  • Have full control over certificate revocation
  • Web based portal system allows you to easily provision certificates

Trustwave®'s Secure Email Service In Practice

The Trustwave® solution leverages our globally trusted root certificates that are present in the mail clients you and your customers are using. When you send an email from within your mail client, it will be automatically signed and encrypted using the personal certificate issued to the mail client user. It is that easy!

The solution's intuitive Web portal allows administrators to easily provision and revoke mail Certificates instantaneously. The web portal is easy to use and you will quickly be on your way to issuing secure email certificates.

The Superior Choice: Trustwave®'s Secure Email

Using individual email certificates that are purchased through a retail process can make it difficult to track and manage expirations as we all issue, install and revoke email certificates. Trustwave®'s service provides you complete control over your secure email environment.

Please contact Trustwave® Sales for more information on how to get started.