Cisco Content Services Switch (CSS) 11500

Manually retrieve your certificate from Trustwave®

When your certificate is issued, you will receive an e-mail from Trustwave® containing your certificates. The Cisco CSS requires certificates to be concatenated with the CA certificates in a PEM format. In the email from Trustwave®, the zip file contains a file ending with .pem. This is the "Concatenated PEM".

Importing your Trustwave® certificate

After retrieving your certificate in "Concatenated PEM" format from the Trustwave® Control Center, you will need to import it into the Cisco CSS. You can do this with the following command:

copy ssl ssl_record import myTrustwavecert.pem PEM "yourpassword"

Associate the certificate file

To use the certificate, you will need to associate a certificate name with the imported certificate:

ssl associate cert myTrustwavecert1 myTrustwavecert.pem

Configure your SSL Proxy List

To fully utilize your certificate, you will need to configure your SSL Proxy List. We recommend discussing SSL Proxy configuration with your network administrator if you are unsure.

Cisco CSS 11500 SSL Certificate installation documentation.

Certificate Analyzer

Once you have completed your certificate installation you can use our instant online troubleshooter to verify your installation and help resolve problems.
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