Courier IMAP

Preparing for the installation

To install your Digital Server certificate on a Postfix server, you will need two files. First, you will need the private key that was created when you made your CSR. Second, you will need the .cer file from the ZIP file that was e-mailed to you by Trustwave® (this is your actual certificate).

Your private key and certificate need to be in the same file for Courier IMAP to work with them. Create a new text file which contains your private key above your certificate. The easiest way to do this is to open your certificate in a text editor (the .cer file from the e-mail), copy the entire certificate and paste it into a separate file. Then, open your private key (it was created when you made your CSR) in a text editor and paste it in its entirety right after the certificate. When you're creating your file, be sure that there are no line feeds after the certificate.

When you are finished, your new file should look like this:

***** Encrypted certificate data 
***** Encrypted private key data 

Save this new file as Trustwavecert.pem into a safe directory where you store certificates and keys.

Configure Courier IMAP's IMAP-SSL Connector

Open the imapd-ssl file in a text editor and adjust or add the following two lines:

TLS_CERTFILE=/path/trustwavecert.pem <- File you created 

Configure Courier IMAP's POP3-SSL Connector

Open the pop3d-ssl file in a text editor and adjust or add the following two lines:

TLS_CERTFILE=/path/Trustwavecert.pem <- File you created 

Completing the installation

Set your file permissions on your Trustwavecert.pem file so that it is readable by the root user only. Restart the Courier IMAP pop3d-ssl and imapd-ssl connectors and your installation will be complete.

Certificate Analyzer

Once you have completed your certificate installation you can use our instant online troubleshooter to verify your installation and help resolve problems.
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