Dovecot IMAP/POP3

Preparing for Installation

To install your Trustwave® Digital Server certificate on Dovecot, you need either the .zip file that you received in your email from Trustwave® or you can download it within the Trustwave® Control Center. The .PEM file in the .zip file contains the "PEM Concatenated" certificate and the intermediate certificate.

Now, take the PEM concatenated certificate along with your private key and place them into a secure directory.

Install your Trustwave® Digital Server certificate

Open the Dovecot configuration file and set the following three options. If they're already set, adjust their values to match the following:

ssl_cert_file = /path/Trustwavecert.pem <- PEM certificate 
ssl_key_file = /path/private.key 
ssl_disable = no <- enables SSL

Completing the installation

To finish the installation, simply restart Dovecot. As soon as Dovecot has restarted, your certificate should be active.

Certificate Analyzer

Once you have completed your certificate installation you can use our instant online troubleshooter to verify your installation and help resolve problems.
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