Install your Trustwave® Digital Server certificate

To complete the installation, log onto your HSphere server and click "SSL" next to the correct domain name. Under "SSL", click the "Edit" button. A box will appear with the label "Install Certificate based on previously generated Certificate request".

When your certificate is issued, you will receive a ZIP file via e-mail from Trustwave®. Within that ZIP file are two important files - one ends in .cer and the other is called xroot.crt. Extract both files. Open the .cer file in a suitable text editor, like notepad, and copy it to the clipboard. Copy the entire certificate - including the top and bottom dashed lines - and paste it into the first large text box. Click "Upload" to save it.

Certificate Analyzer

Once you have completed your certificate installation you can use our instant online troubleshooter to verify your installation and help resolve problems.
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