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Installing the root certificate

Before you can install your Trustwave® certificate, you will first need to install the root certificate. You may download it using the link below:

Download the Trustwave® Root certificate

Rename the file so that its file extension is ".txt". The mkkf utility can only find files that end in .txt. Also, retrieve your certificate from the e-mail sent to you when your certificate was issued. Within the ZIP file that was sent, your certificate is the file which ends in .cer. Rename it so that it ends in .txt. Move your certificate and the root onto the Lotus Domino Go Server.

Now, start the mkkf utility in the same directory as your certificates. This will save you from being required to type all of the paths for your certificates.

Choose "R" and then enter the filename of the root, twroot.txt. Enter "twroot" for the label. Press "W" and then "L". Find the "twroot" and select "S". Choose "T" to mark it as a trusted root certificate. Press "Y" to confirm, then enter, then "X".

Install your Trustwave® Digital Server certificate

Reopen the mkkf utility one last time and do the following:

Choose "R" and then type the name of your certificate file, i.e. www.yourdomain.com.txt. Choose "W" and then "L". Choose "N" until you find your certificate, then press "S" to select it. Choose "F" to mark this key as the default, then press "X" to exit. Choose "C" to create a stash file and then press "X" and "Y" which exits the utility and saves your changes.

Assigning your certificate to your server

On the web interface, click "Configuration & Administration Forms". Click "Security Configuration" within "Security Options". Be sure that "Allow SSL connections using port 443" is selected and check that your correct keyring is listed. Apply the changes and restart your server. Your installation is now complete.

Certificate Analyzer

Once you have completed your certificate installation you can use our instant online troubleshooter to verify your installation and help resolve problems.
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