SonicWall SSL Offloaders

Upload your Trustwave® Digital Server Certificate to the SonicWall SSL Offloader

When your certificate is issued, look for the .cer file in the ZIP file that you receive. That file contains your certificate in PEM format. Upload the .cer file to the SonicWall to continue.

Downloading the Trustwave® intermediates

To load the Trustwave® certificate, you will need the Trustwave® root. The SonicWall SSL Offloader will accept PEM encoded CA certificates, and you can download them below:

Download the Trustwave® root certificate

Copy the file onto your SonicWall machine to continue.

Loading the Trustwave® Root certificate

Use these commands to load the Trustwave® Root certificate in PEM format (stca.crt)

# ssl 
# cert twroot create 
# pem stca.crt <- Trustwave root cert filename

Create a certificate group and add certificates

Now that you have loaded the root certificates into the SonicWall, you can create a certificate group. After you create it, you can add in the certificates which you just loaded:

# certgroup CACertGroup create 
# cert twroot
# end

All of your certificates are now loaded, but you will need to create a logical server before you continue.

Create a logical server policy

Please bear in mind - this is only an example. If you are unsure about what data belongs in these lines, please contact your network administrator.

# server server1 create 
# ip address 
# localport 443 
# remoteport 81 
# secpolicy myPol 
# certgroup chain CACertGroup 
# cert new_cert 
# exit

Your certificates are now installed.

Certificate Analyzer

Once you have completed your certificate installation you can use our instant online troubleshooter to verify your installation and help resolve problems.
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