Trustwave® Partner Program

The Easiest Way To Resell Digital Certificates and PCI Scanning!

Trustwave® is a globally trusted brand for Internet security and compliance. You can leverage this trust and offer Digital Certificates or PCI Scanning to your customers with our flexible partnership programs. Whether you’re a internet service provider, hosting company, registrar or ecommerce provider Trustwave® has a program that can be tailored to your needs and create a new revenue stream for your organization.

Get Started Quickly And Easily

Trustwave® makes it easy to get started selling Digital Certificates by offering the following contract options:

• No commitment
• Credit Card, Check or PO payment options
• Private labeled, branded Partner shopping cart available; requires no merchant account or development!
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Bulk Purchase Discount
• Buy 10 or more certificates and receive volume discounts to increase your margins
• Private labeled, branded Partner shopping cart available; requires no merchant account or development!
Preferred Partner
• Large volume discounts apply
• Flexible payment terms

Why Partner With Trustwave® To Resell Digital Certificates?

  • Simple enrollment - Join Now
  • Aggressive Reseller Discounting
  • Specialized Marketing and Promotions
  • Full product catalog including EV and PCI Scanning Bundles
  • Trustwave® Validation System. You don't need to worry about validating your customers credentials. Trustwave® will take care of all of these necessities with no overhead or liability on your part. The validation turn around can be as quick as 15 minutes.
  • Priority customer support to you and your customers is always free.
  • Private labeled, custom-designed Partner sites are available - which integrate directly with your current website's look and feel.
  • Full reporting system including detailed sales statistics, certificate look-ups, and more.
  • Risk Free. You can cancel your Partner Program membership with Trustwave® at any time.

For detailed pricing and more information, please use the contact information below.

  Trustwave® Partner Program VeriSign/GeoTrust Partner Program
Requires Credit Card for Pay-As-You-Go No Yes
Available Branded Shopping Cart With Upselling Yes No
Resell Full Product Line Catalog Yes Digital Server Certificates Only
API Available Yes Yes
Merchant account required for selling with API No Yes

Free Certificate for Every Reseller

One Extended Validation Server certificate included for your organization with every bulk purchase or preferred partner package. One free Organization Validation Server certificate is included with each Pay-As-You-Go package. We believe you should use what you promote, and benefit from the Green Address Bar in the web browser.

Integrate Your Way

Trustwave® has a world class Digital Certificate and PCI API that you can plug into your existing shopping cart or back end provisioning systems to completely automate the purchasing experience, in a seamless way, for your customers. Learn More Here →