Netwin SurgeMail

Installing your Trustwave® Digital Server Certificate

To install your certificate, you need either the .zip file that you received in your email from Trustwave® or you can download it within the Trustwave® Control Center. The .PEM file in the .zip file contains the "PEM Concatenated" certificate and the intermediate certificate. Once you have downloaded it, return to the Web Admin interface. Click "SSL Certificates Configure" and then go to the area where you originally created your CSR.

In the "SSL Certificate(s)" field, you will need to paste your entire PEM concatenated certificate from Trustwave®. To do so, open your PEM concatenated certificate file and copy the entire file from top to bottom. Paste this data right into the "SSL Certificate(s)" field in the SurgeMail WebAdmin.

Completing the installation

Press Save and then restart SurgeMail. Your new certificate will be working as soon as SurgeMail restarts.

Certificate Analyzer

Once you have completed your certificate installation you can use our instant online troubleshooter to verify your installation and help resolve problems.
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